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Re: [Xen-users] xen-4.4.0 and unexpected system reboot

29 jun 2014


>> *rofl'ing*  nothing like a little first hand experience to make an
>> impression, no?

> It's kinda embarrassing when you start doing things like that.

yes, it is rather embarrassing.  and, yes, i've had my share of
moments like that.  but i sure remember what NOT to do after that.

> Perhaps the new battery is bad.

well, crud.  i had not thought of that.  i found it extremely
suspicious that the voltage was exactly (+- .1 v) the same as
before i swapped out the battery.  since the ups TECHNICALLY
could not swap out the battery, i considered it possible that
the firmware and/or electronics refused to increase its reported

> Hm, just wait and see if happens again ...

yeah, i'm kinda coming to that conclusion.  it takes two points to
make a line.

thank you for your time and assistance.
frank smith

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