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Re: [Xen-users] ARM: "xen_add_mach_to_phys_entry: cannot add ... already exists and panics"

Hi an,
thank you for your reply.

2014-07-02 11:56 GMT+02:00 Ian Campbell <Ian.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> First thing I would recommend would be to try the latest mainline stable
> 3.15.x release. I think everything needed for a usable sunxi system is
> in there already so no need for the sunxi-devel branch

I tried Linus' linux.git/master, which corresponds to 3.16 --
resulting in the same messages and panic.
Besides that, the mainline kernel works quite well.
BTW, git shows that sunxi-devel and mainline Linux v3.15.2 are the
same for drivers/net/xen-netback, though linux.git/master shows some

The bug can easily be triggered if you access blkback and netback in
parallel (thanks to Maximilian), e.g.
domU: iperf -s & cat /dev/xvda > /dev/null
dom0: iperf -t 3600 -c domU

It does not matter if the underlying dom0 block device is on a SATA,
USB or mmc device. The panic is similar.

> The reason I suggest the latest 3.15.x is that there were a few
> interesting netback bugs but I think they've all been backported to
> stable by now.

I hope that they are all included in linux.git/master @ 16874b2,
regarding xen-netback, those changes occurred from sunxi-devel to
* xen-netback: bookkeep number of active queues in our own module
* net: xen-netback: include linux/vmalloc.h again
* xen-netback: Add support for multiple queues
* xen-netback: Factor queue-specific data into queue struct
* xen-netback: Move grant_copy_op array back into struct xenvif.
* net: get rid of SET_ETHTOOL_OPS

Interestingly, it takes some time until the bug triggers and the time
increased when I switched from linux-sunxi to mainline.

Do you have any idea what happens here? I am a bit clueless what's going on.


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