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Re: [Xen-users] VLAN in Linux Bridge

mad Engineer <themadengin33r@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>             I have 10 vms connected to linux bridge br0
>   and in br0 i have eth0.100 , (VLAN 100)
> now i am trying make these  vms in two VLAN  so that they wont communicate 
> through that bridge, is it possible with linux bridge?
> how can i make vms in two VLAN with out configuring VLAN inside VM?
> Do i need two separate bridges one with vlan 100 (eth0.100) and other with 
> vlan 101(eth1.101)  to achieve this.
> any way to make it work in single Linux bridge.
> I know its possible with Open vswitch,is there any way to make it work  with 
> Linux Bridge

AFAIK you have to do all the external VLANs on Dom0. SO if you wanted to work 
with VLANs10,20,30, and 40 you might setup br10, br20, br30, and br40 with 
eth0.10 in br10 and so on. You can then attach each DomU to as many or few of 
the VLANs as needed with multiple virtual NICs.

If all you want is for two DomUs on the same host to be able to communicate via 
a private network, then create another bridge, don't attach any NICs or VLANs 
to it, and attach a virtual NIC to each DomU for this bridge - ie you don't 
need to use VLANs for that.
Logically, it's the same as having two physical machines sat side by side, and 
hooking them together via a small switch not connected to anything else.

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