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Re: [Xen-users] VLAN in Linux Bridge

or use openvswitch. in case of MANY vlans, if and bridge config on dom0 is 

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> mad Engineer <themadengin33r@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >             I have 10 vms connected to linux bridge br0
> >
> >   and in br0 i have eth0.100 , (VLAN 100)
> >
> > now i am trying make these  vms in two VLAN  so that they wont communicate
> through that bridge, is it possible with linux bridge?
> >
> > how can i make vms in two VLAN with out configuring VLAN inside VM?
> >
> > Do i need two separate bridges one with vlan 100 (eth0.100) and other with
> vlan 101(eth1.101)  to achieve this.
> >
> > any way to make it work in single Linux bridge.
> >
> > I know its possible with Open vswitch,is there any way to make it work  with
> Linux Bridge
> AFAIK you have to do all the external VLANs on Dom0. SO if you wanted to work
> with VLANs10,20,30, and 40 you might setup br10, br20, br30, and br40 with
> eth0.10 in br10 and so on. You can then attach each DomU to as many or few of
> the VLANs as needed with multiple virtual NICs.
> If all you want is for two DomUs on the same host to be able to communicate 
> via
> a private network, then create another bridge, don't attach any NICs or VLANs
> to it, and attach a virtual NIC to each DomU for this bridge - ie you don't 
> need to
> use VLANs for that.
> Logically, it's the same as having two physical machines sat side by side, and
> hooking them together via a small switch not connected to anything else.
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