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Re: [Xen-users] Problems attaching/using vhd as guest disk


On 11.07.2014 20:39, Derry Bryson wrote:
> However, that is a pain to setup and everything I am reading says I
> shouldn’t use blktap anymore.  Seems like in Xen 4.4,  I should be able
> to just use:
> Disk = [‘/path/to/my.vhd,vhd,hda,rw’]
> But that doesn’t work.  It starts to boot and then blue screens.  When I
> look at the disk by booting the vm into a recovery iso, I can see the
> vhd “disk” just looks like the raw vhd file.
> Anybody have any idea what I am doing wrong?

VHD/VPC in QEMU doesn't support differencing disks, only fixed and
dynamic disks,

A patches was proposed to [Qemu-devel] named "[RFC PATCH v1] Support vhd
type VHD_DIFFERENCING" on July 1st by Ding xiao, but as QEMU is
currently in freeze for its next stable release, the patch has not been


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