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Re: [Xen-users] HTPC + DUAL PC In one


We're a bit off-topic now, but what do you do that requires so much power ?
I went the other route... 99% of the time i need little power and the 1% left ? well, i'll wait a bit longer...

So I've made a setup with an i5-4570T (max TDP 35W) and 4Gb which presents 4 cores to Xen and with that I manage a domU with 8 disks (1 mirrorz and 1 raidz) and file sharing (NFS, CIFS, AFP) and a domU with transmission and plex (which has some transcoding)

...and it's more than enough for this. It's even fanless...

A raspberryPi is perfectly able to run a linux flavour and XBMC with transcoding without sweating.

Now it's true that i have no desktop running on the machine, but still...

Moving on...

On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 12:27 PM, Gordan Bobic <gordan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2014-07-16 11:12, Mattia Carrara wrote:
Hello again Guys. I looked up that HP Microserver, it is pretty cool
and cheap. Now I have a limited budged so i will remain on virtualized
HTPC. Maybe in the future it will be useful.Â

It's cheaper than a decent GPU. :)

Gordan what is a ZFS reciever?

The question was referring to ZFS' send/receive feature. With it
you can easily send and receive file system and volume snapshots
between different machines.

About CPUs, I find on the net some benchmarks:

It seems that i7 is more performant than AMDs... But the point is that
using Xen and multiple virtual machines, i'll need more parallel
calculus power, right? So 8 cores would be better? Is it possible that
those benchmarks aren't done using all the eight cores of AMDs? Austin
said that he can reach the calculus power of aÂdual processor Xeon
E3-1286 v3. That's really a goodÂresult. So maybe i should choose

How many cores are you going to give to your VMs? You can overbook
CPU cores with Xen, i.e. if you have 8 cores and 3 VMs, you can give
each VM 4 cores and Xen will figure out dynamically which core to
schedule the load on, even though it only has 8 physical cores to
schedule 12 virtual cores plus itself between.

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