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Re: [Xen-users] Xl mem-max does nothing


> There might be some semantic changes for these two commands from 4.1 to
> 4.4. I can't say for sure because I never played with 4.1.
> If you want your guest to have 512MB ram at most, you can set it as
> maxmem=512 in guest config file. During guest runtime the guest can use
> up to 256MB ram (memory= option). Then you can use 'xl mem-set vmname
> 512' to lift the cap.

Yes, i can do that, but if I want to allow my DomU to have physical
server max memory available (and start with 256Mo) I will lost a lot
of memory, like described here :

So it's not really a solution.
I didn't have this problem with xm ...


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