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Re: [Xen-users] Dom0 for FreeBSD or Illumos

Roger Pau Monné wrote:
On 23/07/14 16:17, Miles Fidelman wrote:
Roger Pau Monné wrote:
I haven't seen any questions regarding this on the FreeBSD-Xen mailing
list recently:

Odd, I posted something the other day - just looked at the server log,
and for some reason it bounced.  Guess I don't have so resend at this

I have prototype for a FreeBSD Dom0, it is still in the very early
stages, but the code can be found at:


Setting it up is very convoluted right now, I expect it will be much
more easier once the patches are merged and Xen 4.5 is released with
support for running Dom0 PVH.

Does that imply that it might not run pure PV?
Yes, it won't run as pure PV, the FreeBSD port I've been working on is
PVH only. IMHO working on pure PV support now is quite useless, it
performs worse and requires a lot more of code/hacks in the OS, which
makes it hard to maintain in the long run.

That doesn't mean you cannot create pure PV guests from a PVH Dom0,
that's fully supported and working fine.

That doesn't help me. I'm looking at a few older machines that still have plenty of life in them. If I had all newer hardware, then the hypervisor universe gets considerably larger.

One thing I've been wondering is, given the amount of virtualization
related functionality that's moving into the Linux Kernel, is that
creating divergence that makes it hard to support other kernels (notably
BSD* and Illumos?).  It sure would be sweet to see Xen on SmartOS.
Not sure what you mean by that. The interface between the guest OSes and
Xen is not defined by the Linux kernel, it is a public interface defined
by Xen, which is designed to be OS agnostic.

I was thinking more about Dom0. Seems like a lot of virtualization functionality is now included in the Linux Kernel - and to the extent that the Dom0 makes use of that, it would seem that the Dom0 codebases would start diverging by platform.


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In practice, there is.   .... Yogi Berra

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