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[Xen-users] How to set xenstore permissions to allow domU too access name

Hey guys

I am using xen 4.3.1 with xsm. I have created a policy that will allow my pv domain to perform memory introspection of other HVM's.

my pv is created from source and has all necessary permissions to perform memory extraction.

note: xl tool-stack is working in my pv domain. I tired to use the xl dump-core <domain id> <fileName> but volatility is not able to analysis that dump

I am using libVMI+ volatility to perform the analysis. I used LibVMI because you do not need the domain name but the id is good enough.Â

I have infected my HVM with kbeast but libVMI dump-memory and module-list requires the Âdomain name to me present.

For me to accesthe domain name I need to set xenstore permissions but I donot know how to do this.

Can any-one please point me out to the right direction on how i would have xenstore give permission to allow pv domU to access domain name.

Thank you
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