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Re: [Xen-users] USB pci passthrough, also iommu groups

On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 10:17:32AM +0100, Peter Kay wrote:
> I have pci passthrough working on my SH3210 motherboard for a VGA 
> card, sound card, firewire and LAN. Unfortunately when I pass through 
> the USB controllers and the VM boots, it hard resets the entire 
> machine. Is anyone else experiencing problems, before I report this 
> as a bug? Happens on unpatched 4.4 and -unstable     
> I can work round this on 4.4 with host device passthrough (although 
> this seems not to work in -unstable, currently?) But I'd prefer the 
> whole controller.  
> Also, where are iommu groups shown in Xen? There doesn't seem to be 
> any enforcement of having go pass through an entire group of devices 
> that aren't protected by ACS.  

Hi Peter,

Please excuse me if this is a bit wide of the mark, but I spent ages 
and ages trying to get two PCI network cards passed through on the 
following hardware:

    Hardware:   Intel S3200SHV motherboard
    BIOS    :   S3200X38.86B.00.00.0052
    CPU     :   Intel Core 2 (quad)

It was all OK until I tried to start a VM using the second passed 
through NIC at which point everything fell over.  Xen-devel got 
involved but in the end I just ran out time to try and solve it and 
had to get on with my life ;-)  So maybe it's the hardware?

Good luck,


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