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Re: [Xen-users] [Xen VGA Passthrough] AMD R9 290X GPU???

On 2014-09-13 13:13, Peter Kay wrote:

Yes. It's solid.

Are you using a kernel that implements the bus reset to reset
the card? Or is KVM capable of side-loading the GPU BIOS and
re-POST-ing that for recent ATI cards (with VBIOS > 64KB)?

KVM is capable of side loading the GPU BIOS, yes. For some people this
is not required, but when I tried it, it was.

Interesting. I wouldn't expect this to be required for secondary
passthrough if a device reset method is implemented.

Last time I tested Xen was somewhat faster than KVM. I would
have preferred to use KVM because unlike the Xen dom0, with
KVM the host domain isn't running as a virtual domain which
has performance and driver compatibility benefits for the host

I think the benchmarks differ but show KVM having a bit of an edge.
prefer the manageability of Xen. KVM is currently better at hot

 Neither of those aspects are particularly important to me, I just
 need the guests to be stable and work properly with GPU passthrough,
 and survive a reboot every week or two when Windows decides it needs
 a reboot to apply the patches, without having to reboot the host.

 Are you still running a PCIe 1.1 system? Or are you using a GPU that
 is PCIe 1.1? IIRC most PCIe motherboards and devices since circa 2008
 are PCIe 2.0+.
The former, yes - an upgrade would be a good idea but I'm stubborn in
getting this to work first. The 6950 is a PCI-e 2.0 card.

Technically the 3210 chipset is based on the X38 (PCI-e 2.0) chipset,
but for reasons known only to Intel, all the slots are PCI-e 1.x...Â

I thought PCI passthrough was broken on X38. It's one of the
reasons I retired my X38 motherboard to the test bench duties.

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