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Re: [Xen-users] repeated DomU volume corruption

On Sun, 2014-11-23 at 21:04 -0600, Robert Rust wrote:
> I'm having headaches with DomU volume corruption.  It isn't tied to
> any particular DomU, and I have never had it occur in the Dom0 (which
> is on the same disk) nor did it happen in the nearly 1 year that I was
> running on bare metal using the same drive.  Last fall I even replaced
> the drive to try and resolve the problem, since it has plagued me
> every time I've tried Xen.  If it matters, the most recent error (this
> morning) was as follows (and it occurred in 2 of my DomUs) :
> EXT4-fs error (device xvda2): ext4_mb_generate_buddy:756: group 66,
> 7224 clusters in bitmap, 7216 in gd; block bitmap corrupt.

Are you manually configuring anything to do with barriers, either to
enable or disable them? I think with modern kernels this is all supposed
to Just Work. I ask because AFAIK ext4 (and journalling filesystems) are
pretty sensitive to having this be working right, i.e. things being on
the disk when they've been told they are.

What is your storage backend configuration like in dom0? i.e. are your
guest disks on LVM volumes, raw files, qcow2, loopback mounts etc.

What does your guest cfg file look like?

Does the corruption correspond with anything interesting occurring? Like
rebooting the domU etc?

Have you run memtest on the system? (bit of a long shot...)

> current setup:
> OS: Ubuntu server 14.04.1 64-bit
> kernel: 3.14.4-031404-generic

Is this in dom0, domU or both?

>    (for ATI radeon driver support I was experimenting with)

Is this the Free radeon driver? (rather than the proprietary/binary only


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