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Re: [Xen-users] xen server install on Fedora 21

On Tue, 2015-01-06 at 14:20 +0000, Colin Durrant wrote:
> Hi
> I am having a challenge trying to get Xen

Which version?

>  installed and working on Fedora 21.
> I have installed it

From source or from packages?

>  but the xen modules are not in /etc/init.d/

It seems you are running systemd, and modern enough Xen (4.5-rcs
onwards) includes systemd unit files, various distro packagers have also
included their own for older releases of Xen. It looks like you have
gotten them one way or another.

If you are using distro packages then you might get more specific advice
from a distro specific Xen users list if one exists.

> systemctl status xenstored.service
> running this -  systemctl status xenconsoled
>            ConditionPathExists=/proc/xen was not met

I don't know much about the actual workings of the systemd modules (or
indeed systemd generally) but IIRC mounting /proc/xen is handled by a
separate service/unit from the two listed above, I suggest checking for
other failed modules.

Have you rebooted into dom0? Lack of /proc/xen could also be because you
are running natively and not under Xen.


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