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[Xen-users] N00b question: STOP 0x7B when doing a P2V

Dear Xen-gurus,

I've searched the archives for a possible solution for my problem and
talked with people on the Qubes mailing list but with no success, so I'm
turning to you now.

I'm running Qubes R2 with Xen

I'm trying to do a P2V from a physical disk to a Xen HVM on Qubes. The
physical disk contains Windows 7 EE x64, with no special drivers (e.g.,
no nvidia or amd/ati graphics stuff) besides the stuff available from
the original DVD.

The way I'm trying to do it is the simplest way I could think of, in pseudo:

On the source, attached an external USB-drive:
- dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/usb/sda.file bs=100MB

On the target, attached the USB-drive:
- dd if=/mnt/usb/sda.file of=/dev/xvda bs=100MB

The source and target hardware is the same (same machine, swapping
internal disks,  Windows disk small, Qubes disk large). From an
fdisk-perspective, the HVM target seems fine (2 partitions, one small
active bootable 100 MB partition, one big partition with the actual
Windows 7).

Now, starting the HVM results in a STOP 0x7B BSOD somewhere in the boot
process. :-( I'm not able to start safemode (also 0x7B) and repairing
doesn't help.

So I'm guessing I either need to prepare the source before running dd
(e.g., add additional IDE/ATA-drivers) or add those drivers from the
Windows 7 recovery mode command prompt.

However, I'm unable to conclude which drivers to add, and when. Or am I
on the wrong track with this.

If this all makes no sense what-o-ever, feel free to tell me so because
I'm kinda new to this.

Thank you for your time,


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