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Re: [Xen-users] vga passthrough with amd radeon r9 285

On 02/04/2015 05:54 PM, Eric Houby wrote:
>> dom0 is debian unstable (linux 3.16, xen 4.4.1). Though with the
>> qemu- traditional device model removed in debian [1], gfx_passthru
>> is currently not possible with debian-provided packages (?)
> Have you tried passing the video card to the VM without enabling
> gfx_passthru?  I have found passing the video card as a secondary
> video device works well and seems to be supported on more hardware.

Stephen and Eric, Thank You!

I think this is the key that I've been missing! I have tried disabling
gfx_passthru in the past, but I believe those few times I've been using
the qemu-xen-traditional device model instead of qemu-xen (upstream),
and nothing seemed to change. When I use qemu-xen, I finally have output
from the r9 285! So thanks for that!

Unfortunately though, I'm only able to get to the login screen since my
input devices do not function!!! The screen apparently is not frozen
since I'm able to see the cursor blinking.

Is there something else I could be missing wrt passing through a USB 3.0
controller via 'pci='?

If I vnc into the guest, device manager lists a 'PCI device' and a
'Universal Serial Bus Controller' with yellow flags under Other Devices.
Both claim Code 28 (drivers not installed). However, drivers are not
typically needed for usb controllers, are they?

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