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[Xen-users] NFS root partition for DomU (xenpvnetboot)

Hi all,

Following on from getting DHCP working for my DomU client, I'm now trying to get a NFS mounted root filesystem.

I'm using xenpvnetboot [1] since this seemed the correct approach from internet searches - not sure if the author lurks on this list or not.

My VM config looks like:

memory = 1024

# Should be at least 2KB per MB of domain memory, plus a few MB per vcpu.
shadow_memory = 8
name = "nfsboot"
vif = [ 'script=vif-bridge,mac=00:16:3e:00:00:01' ]
disk = [ 'file:/srv/xen/nfsboot/nfsboot.img,xvda,w' ]

#bootloader = "pygrub"
bootloader = "xenpvnetboot"
bootloader_args= [ '--location', 'nfs:' ]
#bootloader_args= [ '--location', '/nfs/nfsboot-root' ]
kernel = "vmlinuz"
ramdisk = "initrd.img"

The kernel is booting, so I'm reasonably certain NFS is configured correctly, but instead of getting the root partition mounted, I am spammed with:

Begin: Retrying nfs mount ... Begin: Running /scripts/nfs-premount ... done.
nfsmount: need a path

Looking at the console output, I'm wondering if I've missed a DHCP option or two (it seems the NFS root isn't getting passed as I expected from the bootloader - or maybe I need to tinker with the initrd.img):

[ÂÂÂ 1.483755] FS-Cache: Netfs 'nfs' registered for caching
IP-Config: eth0 hardware address 00:16:3e:00:00:01 mtu 1500 DHCP RARP
IP-Config: eth0 complete (dhcp from
Âaddress:ÂÂÂ broadcast:ÂÂÂ netmask:ÂÂ


Ârootserver: rootpath:
Âfilename :
Begin: Running /scripts/nfs-premount ... done.
nfsmount: need a path
Begin: Retrying nfs mount ... Begin: Running /scripts/nfs-premount ... done.
nfsmount: need a path

Any help greatly appreciated.

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