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Re: [Xen-users] PV Guest and USB

>On 07/29/2015 05:16 PM, HÃkon Alstadheim wrote:
>> Den 29. jul. 2015 kl. 14.51 skrev Wolf Grossi <wg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> On 28.07.2015 17:52, Zir Blazer wrote:
>>> PVUSB got broken in either Xen 4.4/4.5 if I recall correctly, and 
>>> supposedly it was intended to be back in 4.6. In the meantime, a viable 
>>> alternative is using a SPICE client (And setting up the VM accordingly) so 
>>> you can use USB Redirection.
> ... or use usbip. A bit clunky, but stable with low data-rate stuff in my 
> experience. Don't try running a sound-card over usbip though.

Isn't that a specific XenServer function/driver?  Are there instructions to
enable the kernel module, and install the driver in a non-XenServer setup?

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