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Re: [Xen-users] Q: how to solve "shared RMRR" / "gfn already mapped" / GSI ? -- Quitting for now :-/

Den 14. okt. 2015 17:40, skrev Håkon Alstadheim:
> Den 14. okt. 2015 15:05, skrev George Dunlap:
>> Ah -- yeah, that makes a bisection pretty much impossible. :-( Out of
>> curiosity, do you actually need to pass through the entire USB
>> controller? Could you pass through just the device itself?
> My main reason for firing up windows is to run a high-res usb attached
> photnegative-scanner -- proprietary driver :-( ; I don't know whether it
> will work, any tips/caveats before I start ? Will
> 'usb=1;usbdevice=["host:mumble:mumble"]'  work ?

Tried both vms, the linux one with both device-models, graphics as vga
passthrough and as secondary. No joy. If I pass all the devices I want,
really weird things happen like an eternal loop of "windows was not
booted correctly, rebooting" , or nothing showing on either the
passthrough screen or the vnc one. If I only pass a dead simple HP laser
mouse, the mouse does not do anything. If I get the time I'll dig into
hardware management in windows, and see if the device even shows up. I'm
starting to see ghosts now though, so I'm calling it quits for this
week, or this month or something. I could try vnc, now that I figured
out it is 'usbdevice=["tablet"]' (singular DEVICE, not plural ! ) , but
I'd also like to do some light gaming now that I shelled out for a
proper windows licence and all, so vnc is a bummer. </grumble>.

If anybody has some solid advice on passing through usb devices to hvm,
or passing through a pcie add-on usb card on Asus  Z10PE-D8 WS
motherboard, I'd like to hear from them though.

>> If not, the shortest path to something working may actually be to buy
>> another controller and see if it works when passed through... -George 
> I'm on my third controller card now, happily the two latest ones seem to
> be working with linux domUs now (fingers crossed). Only have room for
> two of the cards in the box tho' .

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