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Re: [Xen-users] [xen-4.6-ARM][Renesas-Lager Board]All CPU didn't bring up

On 29/10/15 08:26, ììí wrote:
> Hello, 


> There are some issue during bring-up. one of them is "All CPU didn't
> bring up".  The message for error is  very simple like below. Current
> only one CPU were brought up.

The platform is using its own smp bring up (see rcar2_smp_init).

I never worked on this board and have no idea if the bring up is valid.

In general, we recommend to use PSCI to bring up secondary CPU when
available. If you can't find a firmware provide PSCI for this platform,
then give a look how Linux is bring up those CPUs and try to mimic it in


Julien Grall

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