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Re: [Xen-users] Console of my PV guest is totally empty, it doesn't show anything, not even kernel boot messages!

On 29/10/15 09:08, ììí wrote:
> Hi, Xen-users.


> I want to port RTOS for Xen on ARM. Unfortunately, my DomU(FreeRTOS,
> ERIKA enterprise) console doesn't show anything...

I know there are port of FreeRTOS/Erika entreprise done. Do you use
them? If yes, can you provide more information on the source your are using?

If not, we require the OS to provide specific drivers in order to use
the console/block/network on Xen. Have you implemented the console one?

I wrote a talk explaining how to port an OS as Xen ARM guest. You can
find the slides here:



Julien Grall

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