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Re: [Xen-users] [xen-4.6-ARM][Renesas-Lager Board] Fail to enter rootfs on DOM0 after setting XEN

On 03/11/15 05:53, ììí wrote:
> Hello, 


> I checked network for tftp booting on uboot and was very good work. 
> But I don't know how to check network on xen before booting DOM0. 
> I tried to switch console to xen before booting DOM0 with three times
> "CTRL+a", but I didn't got console prompt on xen.
> I hope you let me know what to do to check.

By "check network on Xen" I meant testing the network is working in DOM0.

In your test case, you are directly trying to use a filesystem from NFS.
But you don't even know if the network driver is fully working on Xen.

You should try to narrow down your test case in something that don't
involve many drivers. For instance using an initramfs for your rootfs
(see buildroot/busybox). The initramfs doesn't involve neither network
nor the disk.

The first step will be to get up to the shell and then if you can test
network as on baremetal.


Julien Grall

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