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Re: [Xen-users] status of guest/DomU UEFI + Grub support in Xen 4.6.1?

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016, at 08:43 AM, Wei Liu wrote:
>   $ xl dmesg | tail -n20
> to see if there is anything relevant.

I'm getting nothing DomU-related there.  I suspect I have to figure out 
what/where to make that logging more verbose ...

> My guess is that you didn't enable OVMF when building Xen -- it is off
> by default. You should see hvmloader complaining that it doesn't know
> what ovmf is.

My Dom0 is currently from Opensuse packages.

I'll eventually get to building my own on Arch -- just not there yet; figured I 
should monkey with not-working-DomUs on a know-to-work Dom0, first.

The version I'm using


is built from this .spec


I found the doc


which says it needs


afaict from the .spec, it's NOT enabled for the current builds.

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