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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.4.1 on Debian Jessie: freeze using "xl create" on second VM

El 24/2/16 a les 18:13, Brandon Adkins ha escrit:
> Hi Roger,
> The log messages I entered before are for the second guest. I didn't include 
> any logs for the second guest since that one works perfectly.
> But maybe I am allocating my RAM too tightly? The system has 16 GB of RAM, or 
> 16,384MB. I allocated 4096MB to the host. That leaves me with 12,228MB. Each 
> VM gets 6000, so thats 228MB unaccounted for. Is there some minimum amount 
> that needs to remain above that?
> Looking at "xl info" with both guests started, it says my total memory is 
> 16,353, and that my free memory is 45.
> I also just tried reducing the RAM for both guests down to 5500. I got the 
> same error when starting the second guest. Thats about 1 GB of unallocated 
> space, so I don't think thats my issue.
> I also just tried stopping both guests, and starting guest1 first, and guest0 
> second. Guest1 came up fine, and now guest0 is stuck. Its definitely related 
> to the second vm that starts, and not a specific configuration.
> I am really at a loss of where to look. Is there anything in the config that 
> would cause the CPUs to get assigned to the first guest, so the second one is 
> left with no CPUs?
> Best,Beau                                       

I don't see any error in the trace, AFAICT libxl has correctly created
the domain. Can you paste the output of `xl list` after creating both


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