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[Xen-users] Access to guest machine with vnc not working anymore, how to fix?


I had installed a Debian Squeeze server with Xen about 2 years ago.
Last week I had to upgrade to Debian Jessie, and in the process Xen
itslef was upgrade (to version 4.4 I guess).

My virtual machines started correclty, but now I can't use vnc to
contact them, except if I am on the server itself: doing


on the server work, but


doesn't work, from the server itself as well as from any other machine
of my network (and it used to work).

I googled info that told me that I had to modify
/etc/xen/xend-config.sxp (setting 'vnc-listen' to instead of, and then other info that told that this file is
deprecated. I haven't been able to find info on what config file I
must modify to get back the abilty to vnc from anywhere on my network.

Can somebody please help? Thanks.

F. Delente

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