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Re: [Xen-users] Server with 2 NICs. DomU as Router

John Pearson <johnpearson555@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I tried adding the address the bridge itself like Simon mentioned:
> auto xenbr1
> iface xenbr1 inet static
> bridge_ports eth1
> address
> netmask
> broadcast
> gateway
> dns-nameservers
> A issue though. DNS doesn't seem to be working, I tried editing resolv.conf 
> directly and dns-nameservers like showed above.
> I can ping and any other ip address directly but nslookup, dig etc 
> aren't working. Any ideas why DNS is not propagating?

My guess is a problem with the config of DomU, do the filter rules permit the 
traffic ?

Time to follow the packets. On the DomU internal interface, do you see the 
packets ? Do you see them on the DomU outside interface ? Do you see them on 
the Dom0 outside interface (xenbr0 and then eth0) ?
Then do you see replies - on the return path ?

Use whatever packet sniffer you are happy with - my preference is for tshark 
(cli version of wireshark).

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