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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Continuously Reboots

You maybe allocating too much memory to your guests.

On 06/06/2016 12:49 AM, Daniel Widenfalk wrote:
On 2016-06-06 03:22, Ray wrote:

Re: [Xen-users] Xen Continuously Reboots

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From: Daniel Widenfalk <Daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2016 22:52:36 +0200
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 On 2016-06-05 20:11, Ray wrote:

When I boot to Xen, the machine reboots over and over. This is a laptop
with stretch and Xen.



* Are you using EFI or legacy boot?
* How far do you get? Do you get the quick "Loading XEN..." thing at the
start? Do you start seeing the xen pre-boot phase?

/Daniel W.


Thank you:

This is an EFI boot.

Once at the boot menu and the 5 seconds lapsed, the system went blank and started booting.



I've found that both Jessie and Stretch seem to have an error in their
grub code for xen. The grub code does not recognize "efi" as a valid
grub platform and therefore applies no-real-mode and eff=off to xen.
"no-real-mode" means you will not get a VGA console and edd=off means
xen will not fetch "Extended Disc Data" (whatever that means) from the

On my new system I had to edit /etc/grub/20_linux_xen (line 126) and
add "efi" as a recognized boot platform:

---- Lines 125 - 30:
  echo    '$(echo "$xmessage" | grub_quote)'
if [ "\$grub_platform" = "pc" -o "\$grub_platform" = "efi" -o "\$grub_platform" = "" ]; then
    xen_rm_opts="no-real-mode edd=off"

After making this change I got a working xen/linux vga console and could
see what was going on. I hope this helps :)

Best regards
/Daniel Widenfalk

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