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Re: [Xen-users] GPLPV defunct?

Yes I did see that but didnt get too far when I noticed it was not signed and the archives i unzipped just had a raw drivers with no installler.

The thing that has me kind of puzzled is that how does one of the oldest virtualization platforms not have deployment ready (packaged) and signed windows pv drivers?  

Literally every other virtualization platform out there including some that are very new and only been around a short time compared to xen has good production drivers for this so how can Xen claim to support windows well without this? i cant imagine windows being usable much without these kinds of drivers so it seems pretty critical that we have this or it really sets any of us running xen back quite a bit

I appreciate the efforts of the new pv driver project but at the same time enabling test signing is a huge obstacle for anyone in any kind of regulatory domain. how stable are these drivers and how much work is it to get them signed? are we close or this this something thats going to take years like it took for gplpv signed drivers to come around?

FYI, i am not bashing I am a huge fan of xen and I am just trying to see whats out there, what people are doing who need to support windows domu's and trying to inspire some kind of better long term solution 


On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 4:58 AM, Joel Noyce Barnham <joel.noyce-barnham@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Chris & Jan,

It's my understanding that the GPLPV drivers are no longer maintained. I
believe the currently-maintained project is the Xen Project WinPV drivers.

There is a list which you can subscribe to at
https://lists.xenproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/win-pv-devel for

There is also more information about the project here:

Currently there are no signed drivers available from this project but
there are plans to make them available in the future (there are some
issues with the Linux Foundation accepting terms from Microsoft).


On 20/07/16 06:31, Jan Bakuwel wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> On 20/07/16 14:13, chris wrote:
>> Anyone know whats going on with GPLPV?
>> Old meadowcourt.org <http://meadowcourt.org> site is down, the newer
>> site ejb-digital is down.
>> Found it on github but only source no binaries, where do we get
>> binaries now?
>> Is gplpv still being developed or is it stalled or ceased?
>> Any other PV projects compatible with open source xen? I vaguely
>> remember at one point there was another set of official citrix PV
>> drivers for xenserver that worked at some point with the open source xen.
> I've been wondering the same. I have the binaries from quite a while ago
> that I have been using for 2008R2 and 7 but haven't tried 10 yet, nor
> server >2008R2.
> James will likely know the answers; he's on the list so hope he'll reply.
> Jan
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