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Re: [Xen-users] Openindiana (was Mac OSX How-to)


"jim burns" <jim_burn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> írta 2016-08-12 13:55-kor:
> On Friday, 12 August 2016, 18:50:40 EDT, PÁSZTOR György wrote:
> That having been said, I would be more than grateful if you care to share a 
> cfg file that works.

I do not use xen too many these days. Different workplace, different tasks.
But in ~2013-2014 I basically followed this guide:

Not word by word. Somewhere I did it in my own way.
I just remember, that finally I liked better my own way rather then the
result what it writes: to "copy out" the kernel, boot_archive, and another
file to the xen host. As far as I remember, I could solve to boot my
OI151a8 with pygrub. Then I could upgrade it inside, and the next reboot it
was 151a9. On my servers I were never brave enough to try hipster.
With the "hacked" version we would loose the advantages what be-s gave, so
that's why I tried my own smart way than, to boot it with pygrub.

So, I suggest to try it. If you stuck somewhere, do not hesitate to ask,
and share logs/ messages on pastebin! ;-)
Maybe I am not so rusty, to help you out! ;-)


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