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Re: [Xen-users] support for PVH

On 08/19/2016 12:57 AM, Jo Mills wrote:

I have a chance to buy a dual Xeon e5-2670 (SR0KX) 128G-ECC on an
Intel MoBo for $500.  This is an awesome amount of horsepower for an
incredible price.

Before I commit to anything I need to know with absolute certainty
that these CPUs support Xen's PVH virtualization mode.


Hi Mike,

I haven't checked the CPUs but please don't make the mistake I made and
use a motherboard that only has very limited support for VTd.

As far as I could work out (from lots of help on the forum) my
problems were all down to the North Bridge chip set used by Intel on my
motherboard and it only supporting one VTd instance - something like
that.  Anyway, the motherboard was about as much use as a poke in the
eye for HVM use, even though VTd support was stated in the documentation.

Thanks Jo. After a server case, power supply, video, and audio I'm looking at a grand. Way too much just to test the BIOS.

But, your response led me to some useful info.

I have had an AMD Phenom II with IOMMU and NPT (s.b. PVH capable) for years now, but the MoBo is not -- apparently the chipset lacks support. OK, look at MoBos. Find ones with IOMMU native chipset support only to learn that they are all targeted at gamers, not power users, and lack BIOS support. Even those who claim BIOS support seem to lack proper support for an ACPI IVRS table. Gets worse. Depending on boards, IOMMU disabled kills USB2 and enabled kills networking. Setting IOMMU=soft on the kernel line helps sometimes, etc, yadda, yadda.

Looks like a different tack will be required here.

Thanx for your support!

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