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Re: [Xen-users] xen hypervisor does not like my Dom0 LVM partition: I/O Errors

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On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 02:19:25AM +0000, Jeff Swicegood wrote:
> A check of the logs shows you are right--there were no lost interrupt
> messages. I  just assumed since it crashed it was the same situation.  But
> syslog is one of the first services to go when the crash starts happening,
> so all those I/O errors and the like are usually not logged but I can see
> them in the terminal flying by. I cannot write to any files when the crash
> is happening
> [image: 20161129_202954.jpg][image: 20161129_174028.jpg][image:
> 20161129_174024.jpg][image: 20161129_173838.jpg][image: 20161129_173744.jpg]so
> I cannot capture xl dmesg very well. I  just assumed since it crashed it
> was the same situation. I am not able to verify if it is reporting a lost
> interrupt. In fact the only error at all was:

Hm, I'm afraid there's not much we can do without having access to the debug 
keys output. Could you hook a serial console to that box so that you can get 
serial output? Alternatively it might have SOL, which can also be used by Xen.

> [31832.152507] Mount of device (uid: 0) not owned by requested user (uid:
> 1000)
> [31832.152655] Reading sb failed; rc = [-1]
> Updating grub with the boot option ioapic_ack=old did not help.

Can you paste the output of `xl dmesg` after booting with ioapic_ack=old?


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