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[Xen-users] Planning to use XEN

Hello Everybody,

I'd like to use contemporarly both OS Linux and Windows, tried dualboot, but closing every application before switching OS and doimg it again isn't for me a viable option the way I work or manage my to do list.

Before jumping in the XEN world, I'd like to ask for some insights to whom did it before me.

My main activity that cannot be done without windows consist mainly in the use of the new generation CAD software called BIM (Revit/Allplan/Archicad, etc...) ans some others windows only packages ... so it would be appreciated that if ever I get a fully functionning windows DomU guest, I dont suffer from a heavy loss of performance during virtualization. I heard about the Hype of the VGA or DVI passthrough feature that years ago wasn't there to make me consider seriously a XEN switch, but now look like very promising.

The other thing that would be greatly appreciated it is either that I could setup XEN to use an already existing windows installation or that the newly installed windows guest could be used "standalone" (without strarting it from the hypervisor but booting directly on the partistion where the Windows guest resides) if ever it would be required.

Thanks in advance for any glimpses anyone could share.


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