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Re: [Xen-users] Email Client for Xen Mail List

Ray Joseph <ray3960852@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I am looking for an appropriate email client to improve my communications on 
> this list server. 
> When I reply to emails, I have to craft the ">" characters to get the 
> messages aligned.  I do a poor job of that.
> I have been using Outlook.com and my own email service on Godaddy.  I do not 
> see how to control this in either.

Any half decent client will do it. Sadly there's a lot of crap clients around - 
Outlook being one of them (at least the Mac version I have to use at work).

> I would like to be able to use the client whether I am on Windows (now) and 
> Linux in the future.  I switch machines a lot so I would like the client to 
> be online. 

Use an IMAP mail service, then you can use multiple clients/devices to access 
it. Once you are using IMAP, then you can pick and choose your clients, trying 
different ones out until you find one you like - each one will sync with the 
master version stored on the mail server, so you get to see the same emails 
regardless of client.
If you want a web service client, then Squirrelmail is a solid but basic one, 
Roundcube is a bit more sophisticated.

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