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[Xen-users] 4.8.1 migration fails over 1st interface, works over 2nd

I've setup a fresh Debian stretch with xen 4.8.1 and shared storage via
custom block scripts on two machines.

Both machine have one main interface with some VLAN stuff, the VM
bridges and the SAN interface connected to a switch, and another
interface directly interconnecting both machines. To insure packets
don't take weird routes, arp_announce=2/arp_ignore=1 is configured.
Everything on the primary interface seems to work flawlessly, e.g.
ssh-ing from one machine to the other (no firewall or other filter

With xl migrate <testdom> <secondMachineDirectInterface>, migration
works as expected, bringing up the test domain fully functional back again.

With xl migrate --debug <testdom> <secondMachinePrimaryInterface>, I get
    xc: info: Saving domain 17, type x86 PV
    xc: info: Found x86 PV domain from Xen 4.8
    xc: info: Restoring domain

and migration will stop here. The target machine will show the incoming
VM, but nothing more happens. I have to kill xl on the target, Ctrl-C xl
on the source machine, and destroy the target VM--incoming

After that, a migration using the second interface will work flawlessly

I already tried to down the secondary interfaces, with only the main
interface up, no luck either.

What's going on here?

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