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Re: [Xen-users] Chef Architecture for a Laptop Running Xen

"experimental building of Debian 9.1 as dom0 "

If you actually start with a source build from upstream Xen, be sure to use the packaging utils in tools/misc/mkdeb, or use the deball rule, `make deball`. You can isolate your build in a pbuilder chroot, or build in a VM. Its very sound to install from packages, rather than `make install` as root.

I can only guess what you are doing, but if you broke it 30 times you might not be using distro packages. BTW, those Stretch Xen distro packages are not working as they should for HVM installs. The Xen packages are lagging, last built in May 2017, while the qemu-system-x86 package is current for 9.1.

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On Sunday, September 3, 2017 6:56 PM, Ray Joseph <ray@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would like to better manage my experimental building of Debian 9.1 as dom0 for Xen Project hypervisor on a laptop with 500GB SSD and 16GB RAM.

This machine will be a workstation running multiple VMs for engineering, coding, and general purpose.  

I have Xen up and running but have not had a successful VM created.

My biggest challenges are around networking.  There is a built in wifi and a docking station Ethernet. While I often break Internet connectivity, lately I've been able to recover connectivity.  Experimenting, I have broken this system unrecoverably to my capabilities.  So I have rebuilt it over 30 times.  I have just learned about Chet, Puppet...  So I am wondering how I might better manage the machine's configuration.  

I am wondering what are the architectural considerations on how to setup Chef.  I have another laptop with Windows 10 that can be used (temporarily).  My concerns are how functional Chef will be in keeping track of the host, keeping track of the VMs, being able to use config data to rebuild this same machine if necessary, the size of this foot print in dom0 for this laptop, and is it the right tools for configuration management of VMs.

I found there is a Chef-solo but it seems to have a large foot print (that's only a guess).  

Thank you in advance,


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