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Re: [Xen-users] Starting xenstored in a driver domain

So I figured out that I don't need a running instance of xenstored on the driver domain, since xenstore-read works for the driver domains own trees in xenstore.  Are the xenstore-read errors in vif-openvswitch because that script is written to be run on dom0 only?  Do I need to create a new vif script that is specific to driver domains?

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Date: Sun, Dec 3, 2017 11:10
Subject:[Xen-users] Starting xenstored in a driver domain

I am trying to setup a network driver domain on Fedora rawhide running xen 4.9.1. I have configured the driver domain with a pci pass through nic and openvswitch, I've also installed xen-runtime and it's included dependencies so I have /etc/xen/scripts.  I enabled a system service called xendriverdomain which executes xl devd and I see vif-openvswitch being executed when I start a domu that references backend= in its vif definition.  I get the following error though from that big script: xenstore-read /local/domain/5/vm failed

The systemd service xenstored fails to start, since it's checking for control_d in /proc/xen/capabilities, that file exists but is empty.  I have specified driver_domain = 1 in the driver domain's config file.  Am I missing anything else?
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