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[Xen-users] windoze xp and pv drivers

15 dec 2017


i can run windoze xp home sp2 or sp3 as a client hvm vm.

i extracted the device details:

which does not quite match the device details documented in the
install.md file:
  xenbus.sys binds to three PCI devices which may be synthesized by
  QEMU for your VM:

  1. PCI\\VEN_5853&DEV_0001
  2. PCI\\VEN_5853&DEV_0002
  3. PCI\\VEN_5853&DEV_C000&SUBSYS_C0005853&REV_01

i installed the certificate included in the current(?) version of
the xenbus pv driver (xenbus.tar, dated 2017-11-03 04:33), file
source.tgz, file src/xenbus.pfx (dated 2017-11-02 10:52).  i stored
the certificate in the local computer, trusted root certification
authorities directory.  the certificate came from xenbus (test) to
itself (self signed), and is valid from 2013 to 2039.

the device driver found the pv device (or vice versa).  however,
the device manager claims:
  windoze cannot load the device driver for this hardware.  the
  driver may be corrupted or missing.  (code 39)

when i rebooted windoze, it gave a blue screen of death.  i could
not reboot into safe mode to disable the device.  good thing this
was a throwaway test vm image.

i tried disabling the device driver certificate checking in the
control panel and then installing the device driver, but the
crashes persisted.

any suggestions or comments?

frank smith
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