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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Questions

On 01/08/2018 01:08 PM, admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Thank you for the response.
It seems like XEN might help me a lot due to your response.

I started installing Xenserver and it chokes at "select video modes" and the Xen installer just hangs hard. No luck.

Since I can install about every linux distro on this machine it is not an issue with the machine itself, this must be a Citrix issue, so I wont entertain you with Citrix issues here.

Is there any linux distro with a built in XEN kernel from which I can install windows and maybe two other linux distros in order that I dont have to use Citrix's ISO ?.


Depending on how you need to use the Windows instances, Qubes OS may be what you're looking for. It incorporates Xen (not Xenserver) right at install time and has a Windows tools package.

Qubes' focus is highly secure personal computers, so I thought I'd mention its not geared toward server use cases. It should work on server hardware that includes a graphics card. Its also free and probably worth a try.


The online information is confusing and I always gets to Citrix's isos looking for the purely community Xen distribution.



Chris Laprise, tasket@xxxxxxxxxx
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