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Re: [Xen-users] Xen failing to boot dom0

Do you add console=hvc0 or use any serial consoles for debugging?

I tried console=hvc0, console=tty0 and also removed the option altogether. No luck.

Well then, I recompiled the Linux kernel with stock options and it worked. So in my custom kernel config that I was originally using some components were missing as I suspected all along. However I'm still at a loss at knowing or understanding which ones precisely.

$ make xenconfig

doesn't seem to tick all the necessary options it would seem when constructing dom0

I think I will abandon this project as it's too difficult and time consuming to debug. The Linux kernel is a handful as it is and there are plenty of bugs in it to add a system like Xen to the game. The reason I looked to Xen was again to circumvent some of the buggy features in the kernel in the first place. The kernel tries to do too much for its own good.

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