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Re: [Xen-users] dom0=pvh and 4.18

On 14/08/18 5:23 PM, Juergen Gross wrote:
On 14/08/18 01:31, Glenn Enright wrote:
HI there

A I understand it, pvh is faster, and it also has the benefit of not
using qemu, so code is much simpler.
The main advantage of PVH is a much simpler interface between guest
(in this case dom0) and the hypervisor. This is reducing the attack
surface of the whole system. Another advantage is that the guest doesn't
need to support the PV interface, which is rather intrusive in the guest

PVH is faster for some workloads, for others PV is faster. Especially
for dom0 there are still some known performance issues when running
in PVH mode, e.g. for domain creation and backend functionality.

Not using qemu is true for PV, too. And dom0 can't make use of qemu, of
course, as there is no instance qemu could run in when dom0 is booting.


Is there a page that describes how to boot dom0 as PVH?  With any pre-requisites (e.g. latest 4.18 linux kernel) and example grub boot lines.  The feature is listed as 'experimental'.  Should we expect dom0 to start up (since it is not booting per Glenn's message).  Are there known issues?

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