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Re: [Xen-users] xen 4.8 live migration

Thanks Adi,

I have tried this (via ssh) - it fails/crashes the guest. I was wondering if there is another way to do it (besides ssh)?    I can only see ssh listed in the migrate options now.

Thank you,


On 11/2/19 14:03, Adi Pircalabu wrote:
On 2019-02-11 14:18, Andrew wrote:
Hi All,

I am running xen 4.8 on debian 9 (compiled with the dists build
package from xen source... due to an issue with stack size in the
debian relsase). I have previously used the xm live migration to move
guests between host machines in older versions, and have since moved
on to xl

I have noticed that there are live migration suggestions in the
xend-config.sxp file (such as the port to listen to), however none of
the attributes take effect, and there is no service listening. I'm
struggling to find accurate guidance online (mixed

My question is, is there a way to do live migrations (via the
command-line) between hosts in Xen 4.8?  I am using shared storage.
Any pointers/guidance greatly appreciated.

Using xl toolstack this works for me(c):
xl -v migrate <domU> <xenhost>

Uses ssh as transport. See "xl help migrate" and "man 1 xl".

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