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Re: [Xen-users] How to boot domU and dom0 from a device tree

On 12/06/2019 11:28, Denis Obrezkov wrote:


I have problems with domU console:
(XEN) Cannot send chars to Dom1: no UART available

this is a part of fdt command for domU:
fdt mknod /chosen/domU1 vpl011
fdt mknod /chosen/domU1 module@0
fdt set /chosen/domU1/module@0 compatible "multiboot,kernel" "multiboot,module"
fdt set /chosen/domU1/module@0 reg <0x53000000 0x1281a00>
fdt set /chosen/domU1/module@0 bootargs "rw root=/dev/ram
rdinit=/sbin/init console=hvc1"

fdt mknod /chosen/domU1 module@1
fdt set /chosen/domU1/module@1 compatible "multiboot,ramdisk" "multiboot,module"
fdt set /chosen/domU1/module@1 reg <0x58000000 0x121e65>

instead of hvc1 in console=hvc1 I tried hvc0, ttyS0 and ttyAMA0.

It looks like to me the problem is not the DomU command line but Xen not creating the emulated vpl011 for your DomU.

AFAICT, you requested U-boot to create the "vpl011" property, so Xen should created the emulated vpl011.

The code to create the emulated vpl011 is domain_vpl011_init. Can you check whether it is initialized?

Also, could you print the value for d, d->arch.vpl011.backend_in_domain, d->arch.vpl011.xen just before you get the error message?

This could teach us a bit more what gone wrong.


Julien Grall

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