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Re: [Xen-users] Fwd: Android-PVH direct kernel booting

I am not really into Xen on Android, but I am generally interested in
the topic, so, could you share the instructions you have followed?

On 28.08.19 19:46, Rajagopal Aravindan wrote:
> Hello Denis & Kun,
> Any thoughts on the below mail, please ?
> Once I get Android to direct kernel boot as Dom-U on x86, I  shall try
> the same on OdroidXU4.
> Thanks in  advance,
> Rajagopal
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> From: *Rajagopal Aravindan* <a.rajagopal.81@xxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:a.rajagopal.81@xxxxxxxxx>>
> Date: Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 12:16 AM
> Subject: Android-PVH direct kernel booting
> To: <xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>
> Hello Xen,
> I built an Android ISO with PVH enabled and installed it in HVM mode.
> Now, I am trying to convert it into a PVH using direct kernel booting.
> But, while attempting to boot, booting gets stuck at "Detecting Android
> x86 ......."
> PFA my config file.
> Can someone please point me in the right direction, for getting this to
> work ?
> Using the above method I am able to boot into Ubuntu, though.
> Thanks,
> Rajagopal

Regards, Denis Obrezkov

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