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Re: [Xen-users] Android-PVH direct kernel booting

Hello Rajagopal,

Some quick thoughts.

1. Have you compelled android on x86 machine and tried to run it on a x86 platform too? In that case, you need android on x86 support.

2. If you are cross compelling android, then you need to check your toolchain. Also I am not sure if you can run arm guest domain on a x86 platform.


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Hello Denis & Kun,

Any thoughts on the below mail, please ?
Once I get Android to direct kernel boot as Dom-U on x86, I  shall try the same on OdroidXU4.

Thanks in  advance,

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Subject: Android-PVH direct kernel booting
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Hello Xen,

I built an Android ISO with PVH enabled and installed it in HVM mode.
Now, I am trying to convert it into a PVH using direct kernel booting.
But, while attempting to boot, booting gets stuck at "Detecting Android x86 ......."
PFA my config file.
Can someone please point me in the right direction, for getting this to work ?

Using the above method I am able to boot into Ubuntu, though.


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