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[Xen-users] Xen 4.11.2, Debian 10, HVM: "could not add USB device"

Hello everyone!

On current Debian 10 I want to pass a USB
device to an HVM domU. Following the wiki


I added

  usbdevices = ["tablet", "host:0d46:3014"]

but I get

  qemu-system-i386: -usbdevice host:0d46:3014: could not add
  USB device 'host:0d46:3014'

I also checked with a mass storage device 0951:1643 (with
and without `rmmod usb-storage`) and get the exact same
error message.

What is the usual suspect here? What to check next?

`xl info`: https://dpaste.org/SUUT
`xl dmesg`: https://dpaste.org/XqFB
/var/log/xen/qemu-dm-grml.log: https://dpaste.org/VbGk
/etc/xen/grml.conf: https://dpaste.org/fbAK
`dpkg -l "qemu*" "xen*": https://dpaste.org/ngDa

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