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RE: PCI pass-through issue with Xen 4.11 under ubuntu 20.04

Finally, someone else with this issue.
I first reported it back in 2017 when I tried to upgrade from 4.5 to 4.7. It also happened in 4.6 and 4.8 during testing, and ended up staying on 4.5 at the time.

Back in 2019 I upgraded to 4.10 and ran in to it again when I updated my system fully and could no longer run the older kernel/xen combination. Up till this point I have not seen anyone else report the issue.


Here is my post from 2019. https://lists.gt.net/xen/users/556111


My systems have been Gentoo/Funtoo based. I then run a linux based firewall (Sophos UTM) and a Windows server on top. If the Windows server restarts, it loses the connection to the NIC I pass through, if the UTM restarts the NICs still work..




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Subject: PCI pass-through issue with Xen 4.11 under ubuntu 20.04


Dear all,

I recently migrated from an long lasting and always upgraded Xen 4.9 / ubuntu 18.04 server to a brand new one with a fresh install of ubuntu 20.04 and their version of Xen 4.11.

I have two DomU instances using ubuntu 18.04 where I assign PCI device exclusivly to:

  • 2 NICs
  • 1 DVB sattelite card

Everything is working fine as long as I don't need to "reboot" any of these DomU's. When doing so the PCI devices get lost and are assigned back to the pciback driver in Dom0.

A shutdown and recreation of the DomU's does solve the issue (workaround) but I would like the DomU's to keep the assignments during reboot as it was with all the previous versions I've used.

Please let me know which details you need and many thanks in advance.

Best, Oliver



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