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Re: xen domu problems

On 2021-02-12 23:50, Bill MacAllister wrote:
I am working on using FAI to build domU's. I thought I was had it figured out but when I went to stamp out my work with chef I found that only my test system was building bootable VMs. On the failing Xen servers the build is successful
but when I attempt to boot the system I get the following errors.

# /usr/sbin/xl create /etc/xen/zoot-lab-2.domain.com.cfg
Parsing config from /etc/xen/zoot-lab-2.corp.domain.com.cfg
xc: error: panic: xc_dom_core.c:208: failed to open file
'/boot/vmlinuz': No such file or directory: Internal error

The relevant part of zoot-lab-2.domain.com.cfg is:

kernel      = '/boot/vmlinuz'
ramdisk     = '/boot/initrd.img'
root        = '/dev/xvda1 ro'
disk        = [

The error seems to indicate that it cannot find the disk or the kernel. When I mount the disk I can see /boot/vmlinuz and /boot/init.img on both the working
and the failing systems.

The Xen hypervisors are build on Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) with Xen 4.9. The stock Xen delivery from Ubuntu. The VM I am building is Ubuntu Focal (20.04).

There is something I am missing and I could use some suggestions about what I
should be looking for.

I having been staring at this problem for days now and I just don't see it. Last thing I tried was to build a VM on the "failing" hypervisor, confirm that it would not boot, move it to the "working hypervisor", and confirm that it would boot. So, that argues that the build is fine. It is something I am not getting correct in the hypervisor configuration. I could really use
some suggestions for things to try.


Bill MacAllister <bill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>



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