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Re: Two redundant Xen servers with one SAN


> Am 24.06.2021 um 13:16 schrieb mabi <mabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> So as you notice, at least for a start, I am trying to keep things as simple 
> as possible. If I understand correctly that should be possible with Xen and 
> all I need is multipathd and CLVM, is this correct?

That sounds just fine.
You must not enable autostart of the VMs on either host, so i.e. keep the 
configs elsewhere than /etc/xen/auto (iirc).
You should put in some extra effort to keep the configs in sync, i have in the 
past used csync2 for that.

> Then regarding CLVM, I checked Debian buster but could not find any 
> CLVM-related pacakges. Is maybe CLVM not available on Debian?

It might be an outdated solution, i searched quickly and found this:
"From SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 onward, we use lvmlockd as the LVM2 cluster 
extension, rather than clvmd. Make sure the clvmd daemon is not running, ..."

Maybe you can find something in that direction.



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