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Re: Mirage/kFreeBSD on GitHub

On Sat, Aug 04, 2012 at 07:56:00PM -0400, Robert N. M. Watson wrote:
> I'm not sure what tolerance OCaml has for allocation failures at lower
> levels, but you might consider using M_NOWAIT [..] returning a failure
> when memory is exhausted.

This seems to be a good solution as the OCaml run-time system answers
such situations with an Out_of_Memory exception which is now mapped as
a panic() in the kernel.

By the way, I have found the cause why the garbage collector was not
running: it uses floating-point-based calculations to learn whether
garbage collection is needed.  I just translated the formulas to integers,
but there are cases when information is simply lost due to the missing
fractional bits.

Now it is fixed (hopefully), and the allocation test now passes :-)



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