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Re: Opam installation woes

Thanks Anil, I'll have a play.

Turns out the problem with ocamlfind is that ocamlfind.1.3.3/configure is 
trying to detect the system by doing a 'ocamlc -config | grep system', 
expecting to find one line. Unfortunately the standard library is installed in 
~/.opam/system/lib, and similarly the runtime, so it ends up spitting out 
several lines into the Makefile.config.

Not quite sure of the best way to fix this. I could patch the configure file, 
pass extra arguments to the configure invocation or change the name of the 
directory in which the ocaml compilers are found, I guess.


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On 7 Aug 2012, at 17:04, "Anil Madhavapeddy" <anil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes, I've only been using it on MacOS X so far, where the /usr/local on 
> Homebrew is indeed user-writeable.
> Jon, any chance you could get a local install of OPAM running to fix this, as 
> I don't have a Linux box handy until Friday.  The procedure is:
> $ <fork github.com/mirage/opam-repository>
> $ rm -rf ~/.opam
> $ cd your/opam-repo
> $ opam init -kind rsync default .
> At this point, you can make changes in opam-repo, run "opam update" and see 
> them reflected immediately.
> $ <Fix the re and uri packages to add the configure doc disale as described 
> by Thomas below.>
> $ <pull request to opam-repository>
> We really need a Jenkins setup to try all the combination of compilers and 
> backends, as the Xen one has no doubt had some minor bitrot in the past few 
> changesets.  To maintain your Xen compiler, I think you pass "opam --debug" 
> to preserve the state.  You can modify the compiler descriptions (in 
> opam-repo/compiler) in the same way.
> -anil(packing to leave)
> On 7 Aug 2012, at 16:04, Jonathan Ludlam <Jonathan.Ludlam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> wrote:
>> Chowning /usr/local/share/doc to me now gets me past that. However, looks 
>> like the uri build suffers the same problem, and it's also missing an oUnit 
>> dependency.
>> Jon
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>> On 7 Aug 2012, at 15:52, "Thomas Gazagnaire" <thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I guess the re package is missing the right configure invocation. Anil, I 
>>> think you forgot to add something like "./configure" "--disable-doc" 
>>> "--prefix" "%{prefix}%"] to build.
>>> --
>>> Thomas
>>> On Aug 7, 2012, at 4:34 PM, Jonathan Ludlam wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I've been trying to follow the instructions on the mirage wiki to install 
>>>> opam, but have had little success so far. I'm installing on a fresh 12.04 
>>>> Ubuntu system, and the problem I'm currently getting is in installing re 
>>>> 1.0 - it's trying to create the directory /usr/local/share/doc. Has anyone 
>>>> had this problem, or some insight into how to fix it?
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Jon
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