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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Mirage 1.1.0 pull req

On 5 Feb 2014, at 20:20, Richard Mortier <Richard.Mortier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
>> to rebase the Mirage 1.1 branch and send a mega unified pull request 
>> upstream:
>> https://github.com/ocaml/opam-repository/pull/1655
> out of curiosity, is there a rationale for naming (e.g. mirage-http vs simply 
> tcpip)?  

Good question -- the tcpip stack is pretty independent of Mirage -- I'm writing 
some testcases that just directly use ocaml-tuntap to spin up some packet 
tests.  The mirage-http repo is fairly Mirage-specific, as it's just a thin 
wrapper over cohttp_lwt.

A fine distinction, and possibly not one worth making, but probably easier to 
keep for now since most people will never notice the difference anyway.

>> This passes Travis (except for a few minor problems on OCaml 3.12.1),
> we're still aiming to support 3.12.1 (and 4.00.1) then?

I'm trying to maintain 3.12.1 support for individual libraries where feasible, 
but not for the overall Mirage tool.  The Xen runtime is only available for 
4.00.1 an 4.01.0 at the moment, so that backend won't compile on 3.12.1.

>> Regarding mirage-skeleton, should we merge mirage-skeleton and 
>> mirage/lib_test?  They seem to have broadly the same content, and it's 
>> useful to have just one repo.  Mort, you had a FOSDEM branch, so your 
>> thoughts welcome here.
> i wondered about this putting the demo together. my own feeling is that they 
> should be separate though there's lots of overlap for now. lib_test == unit 
> tests which are definitely not the same thing as skeleton, which i think of 
> as idiomatic/best-practice samples as a starting point for other development. 
> i'd expect that lib_test should get more detailed and more complex test and 
> regression cases that grow as time passes. skeleton probably stays relatively 
> small and gets the cruft trimmed out over time.

That makes sense to me.  Let's keep them separate then.

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